Bathroom Reading for Irregular Christians

Are your ivories ticklish? Find out how in the Autumn 2017 issue of our fair journal. Holy Shit is an occasional (semi-annual?) full-color literary journal. Our goal is to elicit an eponymous reaction from our readers. Please let us know if that happens. 

Our reading period is generally August through October, unless we decide otherwise. As you might guess from the name, Holy Shit is looking for (ir)reverent, transgressive pieces of prose (fiction and creative nonfiction) and poetry that reflect the divine and inspire awe. Submissions can be sent through Submittable.

Happy reading!

Gryphon condescends.

Which means to look down upon.

Let's hope not on you.

Man, that road looks pretty slippery. I hope no one gets distracted by that awesome table of contents and starts skidding out of control and runs into, I don't know, like, a rat, or a gryphon or something. If you were headed toward some mythical beast on a snow-covered highway, what would you want it to be? And which way would you try to get the car to go? Toward the ditch, toward the car, or straight ahead into the slavering jaws of the capybara?


Jay Vera Summer

Fight or Flight

E.J. Schoenborn

The Trans Altar

David Drury

Carolina Psalm

Election Psalm

Christian Swimming

Ruth Lee


Deep Thought


Kelly O’Rourke



John Reinhart


Book of Merock


Sergio A. Ortiz

The Griffon’s Impulse

Abraheem Dittu

Jack on Skid

Gaynor Kane


Jessica Barksdale

Until One Day They Are



Remember that You Are Butt Dust

1 Samuel 24 (NRSV)

Group Discussion Questions

Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois




Dmitry Blizniuk

Don’t Be Sad, Chrysostom

Nicholas Froumis

Dirty Existence

Terrell Fox

Jacked Jesus

J. David

If I told you her name would it make the voices stop?

My hands fidget most of the time because I never know what to do with them

On becoming a ghost

Kate Shapiro

Guns and Girls

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